SEO Glossary

Like any other specialized industry, SEO too has its own terminology that helps professionals in working smoothly and in an organized manner. These terms and abbreviations are very helpful for a person who wants to specialise in the SEO profile or just wants to understand the knowhow of this industry.

In order to help you with your SEO understanding we are enlisting some of the major aspect of this field of expertise in simple terms.

Above the Fold

It is the content which one sees before scrolling on the website.  Back in 2012, Page Layout Algorithm was created by Google to push back those websites that featured too many ads in this space.


Abbreviation of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, AJAX helps a webpage to transmit and collect data from a server to change the dynamics of the page without a reload.


Popular term for Business-to-Business, it defines a situation characterised with a lengthy buying cycle, expensive products and services in interaction with a professional and informed audience.


It’s the short form of Business-to-Consumer. In this environment the buying cycle is considerably shorter with cheaper goods and services while the audience consists of regular consumers.  One should know that these markers are likely to change with every industry.


Loosely known as the content that is designed to bring in cheap popularity, Click Bait is typically used by overpromising and misleading projects. The tool is sued by websites looking out to earn advertising revenue.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

It is the percentage of users that click on genuine search results in a particular time period. The calculation involves dividing the total amount of organic clicks with number of impressions and multiplying the result with 100.


De-indexing or Delisting is the step Google takes to punish websites for violating its Webmaster Guidelines.  The manual action is taken when a website is removed, either temporarily or permanently, from search index.


Also known as Web Directory and Link Directory, it is a record of websites created by human editors on the grounds of related categories. The inclusion can be free or paid depending on the specific directory.  Back in the day these links were strictly sought after, which lead to its abuse and finally defamation of this link building method.

Editorial Link

Also known as natural Link it creates a bond between two websites without any of them demanding and paying each other.

Engagement Metrics

It is the measure of a user’s engagement rate with WebPages and content. Some of the metrics are Click-through rate, Bounce rate, Conversion rate, New vs. returning visitors, Time on page/site, Dwell time and Frequency and recency.

Featured Snippet

Popularly known as Position Zero it is the special box which is seen above organic search results. It informs about the original date, page title, URL and the link from which the title originated.

There are many more terms that have to be studied thoroughly before making any advances in SEO. I will be coming up with more such terms regularly and advice you to get informed step by step.