To all the people who are confused about the person who is pouring knowledge upon this website, my name is Phil and I have been in love with marketing from day one.  The ideas of building a product, develop a brand, launching promotional schemes, online marketing have always caught my attention. These business processes are extremely important for a project to prosper but more than often they are overlooked.

In order to understand and gain knowledge about these processes I went through almost all the authentic websites. Although the information was immense and overwhelming yet it was not able to define these terms as a whole. Majority of the articles were super focused on a single objective that confused me rather than enabling me to master the subject.

After getting disappointed from one website after the other, I felt a deep need to encounter a place where normal people like me could understand marketing without any trouble. Being a patron of marketing activities it was my duty to prepare a blog that makes people understand the numerous dynamics of business strategies without including flashy punch lines and over the top literature.  

I have made sure to include all those subjects that can help even the most naive entrepreneurs. This information has been carefully churned out of authentic sources to provide you with genuine content that is worthy of your precious time.  I have not kept myself from connecting with professionals who know more than lots of marketing websites operating right now.

For more accuracy, not only have I contacted with several marketers from the field but have also criss-crossed their information. It was a bit surprising to know that most of these professional had different opinions about subjects like social media marketing and branding. But, all of them agreed on its importance in making or breaking a business.


I would like to inform you that there is no shame in understanding a subject for a person who does not have a degree to back his intentions. There will be people who would denounce me of not being academically qualified to talk about promotional activities. It is obvious to question my authenticity but after going through my articles your perceptions are bound to change.

I don’t have any hard feelings for people who overlook my hard work as this blog is not made for fame or recognition.  The only reason to put hours and hours in creating these articles is to help people who are not fortunate enough to get a college degree in business administration but are eager to turn their vision into reality.   

There is no doubt that people learning from these articles will make progress regardless of their current position.  You can also drop down all your queries in the comment section which would be answered without a considerable delay.

I am working out to bring in latest information and outlook of various market leaders. Even though there are millions of pages devoted to marketing yet our blog is proud to be superior in presentation and quality of content.