4 Things to Add to Your Packaging for Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Attracting new customers is great, but it’s even better to keep bringing previous customers back to make new sales, and one way you can do that is by adding certain things to your packaging. These might seem like small things, but they can make a big difference when it comes to customer retention.

Here are just four ideas to start with.

  1. Brand

First and foremost, your packaging should be branded. Whether you’re providing paper bags, paper boxes, decorative ribbons, or protective tissue paper, you want to at least print your business name on the packaging, though it’s best to also include a cool design that captures people’s attention. By branding your packaging, you become more memorable. The next time someone needs something similar, they’ll be more likely to think of you.

  1. Discount Offers

Discounts work a lot better with existing customers than they do with new customers – after all, people like feeling like they got a reward unavailable to the general public, and you already know this person is interested in the sort of thing you’re selling. Add a few special offer coupons or a leaflet inside the packaging and you’ll be more likely to generate additional sales.

  1. Samples

Clearly samples aren’t going to work for every company – you’re going to have better luck providing them if you offer beauty products as opposed to books. However, it’s nice to include a small free sample when you can, especially if your sample is strongly related to what the person is already buying. They might just be tempted to order more straight away.

  1. Thank You Notes

Maybe you’re a smaller business. Maybe you’re thinking that free samples and special offers aren’t financially feasible right now. If so, you should try at least popping a personal thank you note into your packaging. It’s easy enough when you’re only a small business sending out a small number of orders each day, but people will still appreciate the thought and feel better about shopping with you in the future.