Your Guide to PPC Earnings in 2018

I have previously found myself in the rather unfortunate situation of having my Google AdWords account banned, but it got reinstated after I appealed the decision. I mean the ban came on the back of a bit of naivety on my part in any case, so it was inevitable that once I stated my case I’d be good to go again. It took a bit of a while though and so I couldn’t really take advantage of the cash-printing machine in the form of pairing a Google AdWords campaign with a high-converting sales offer and in that time I had to focus my efforts elsewhere by way of continuing to generate a good income online.

I turned to the other side of the equation, which is Google’s Earn-Per-Click programme in Google AdSense.

I’ll tell you what – when you have no choice but to have to make it work, you’ll find a way. That’s exactly what I did. I found a way to bump up my PPC earnings with Google’s AdSense programme, something which is not all too popular anymore these days because of how slow earnings generally are to come.

So if you want to score big with PPC earnings in what seems like a saturated market that assumes the form of more of a hit-and-miss one too, you’ll need to update your thinking to align with the current market conditions.

Small, moving parts add up

A mere ten years ago or so, the right approach to Google AdSense earnings would be to dedicate all your time and effort to one blog or website, with any of the other channels you publish content on basically just pointing to that one blog or site. Nowadays if you go that route you’d practically be shooting yourself in the foot, quite simply because there are entire teams of content producers, web designers, SEO optimisers, etc who can do that faster than you can as a lone ranger.

There’s nothing wrong with investing a lot of love into a blog or website you’re running, even if you do indeed aim to earn some change in this way via Google AdSense ads, but it shouldn’t be what’s earmarked to put food on the table, if you know what I mean? It’s going to take too long to bear the kind of fruit you require and as any experienced AdSense earner might tell you, there’s something about realising success which seems to bump you down.

It seems like once you start coining it someone figures everything out and works to take your place, or maybe it’s Google itself which bumps you down – who knows?

Anyway, the modern day approach to PPC earnings is one which requires you to focus on many, small moving parts instead of one big picture. In other words, create content (and place ads on it) which makes up for very low search phrases. I mean if you have a phrase that draws five visitors a month then you’ll practically be the only one who generates content for that key phrase / keyword, which doesn’t generate much money unless you rinse and repeat – unless you perhaps create content for 1,000 or more low-search phrases and monetise each of them!

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