What it Takes to be a Social Media Influencer

If becoming a social media influencer is something you’re going to depend on for your income then I need to stop you right now and say that you need to look elsewhere. Yes, the ultimate aim is perhaps to make money, but you have to look at it as a longer-term game. If you’re desperate for the money then you’re only going to get frustrated.

Make sure your passion is on lock-down

If you’re not passionate about the niche through which you’re going to push your social influencer hustle, you’re going to get frustrated and you’re going to fall off. Make sure your passion is on lock-down because there will be long stretches of time over which you’ll have to keep generating content and trying to invoke engagement without getting anything in return or without seemingly making any progress.

Go with something you’d be happy to speak about even if there is no prospect of making any money out of your engagement of the topic/niche.

Start now

Every moment that you’re not doing anything in this world of social media influencers is a moment lost, so if you don’t start now and keep going you’re going to get left behind. On days when you don’t feel like “working” much you should at least do something, like perhaps re-posting or sharing a meme you like.

Engagement is king and the aim is to get some numbers interested in what you have to share. That’s how you pull the big brands that are willing to pay you or sponsor you in some way, in exchange for the exposure that comes with access to your targeted followers.

Formalise your operation

As much as being a social media influencer perhaps plays out entirely over social media platforms, you should formalise your operation by separating your personal profile from the one which represents you as a social influencer.

Plan ahead for your content

You don’t necessarily have to create all the content you’re going to share in advance, but it’s important to plan your content, with up to a week in advance making for the ideal time frame. This doesn’t mean you must not be flexible as opportunities to jump on trending topics must not be missed out on.


One thing you need to get straight about generating an income from operating as a social media influencer is that you’ll likely not be dealing in cash. Instead your “earnings” are probably going to come through sponsorships by brands that prefer to give you some of their goods for you to showcase or they’re going to afford you the opportunity to make use of the services they offer in return for the exposure.

So you might have to be a little creative by way of the manner in which you turn all the perks you get into monetary value, like perhaps running VAS SMS competitions so that entrants who want to win the items you’re sponsored with and are showcasing can perhaps generate you some money via the Value-Added Service SMSs they send in.

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