Web Traffic is about Quality over Quantity

Now this is a lesson I personally learned the hard way, but I’m grateful for having had to go through the very expensive blunders I made along the way because they did indeed come together to equip me with the valuable knowledge I now have. This of course is the lesson of how quality over quantity matters when it comes to web traffic.

What is web traffic?

Okay, so let me back up a bit because some people reading this may not know exactly what I’m talking about. Web traffic is the number of visitors who visit your website or blog and it’s important to those of us who seek to monetise our web presence. For example, if you have a sales page for an e-book you wrote then it would help you make more sales if for example you had a million visitors viewing your offer as opposed to just 10 per month, wouldn’t it?

The same applies to someone running a travel blog for example, who might want to sell advertising space on their blog or get sponsored. They’d need to be able to demonstrate to potential advertisers and sponsors that the money they’d spend on their blog would yield a positive outcome by way of brand exposure.

Last example – if you’re running an e-commerce website which sells multiple products and services then the only way for you to make sales is if people actually visit your site, right?

Traffic quality over quantity

Now, getting back to the main discussion which is that of how traffic is about quality over quantity, it’s a simple matter of focussing your attention on getting users that will provide value to you, to visit your site. To revisit the examples of the different types of platforms you’d want to send traffic to, your e-book sales landing page about scuba diving for example would be of no use at all to people who despise the water and draw no fun at all out of any beachside activity, so you wouldn’t want a million of those people visiting your page because it would be absolutely useless.

The same goes for your blog or your e-commerce site – you want the right sets of eyeballs meeting your content, so that demonstrates just how much of a lack of value you’d indicatively get from cheap traffic sources such as many of those found on platforms like Fiverr.

If you were to look under the marketing and advertising section on Fiverr, your eyes might light up at the prospect of what many of those gigs purportedly offer, such as 35k visitors to your site for a mere $5. Don’t kid yourself – that amount of traffic will never be of any quality at all coming to you at that price.

Pretty much the same goes for ads like those available via AdFly – they’re that cheap for a reason, even though it’s claimed that it’s real traffic and not traffic from proxy servers (unless you distinctly go for the proxy server traffic).

I’ve spent a lot of money on these cheap traffic sources and got ZERO sales!

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